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This screensaver contains the five elements of feng shui and depicts the Golden Arowana aka Dragon Fish. Its contents are 100% digital. Weighing in at 11.1MB, this screensaver can be cosidered a heavyweight.

The complete animation and background is designed by a self-taught 17-year old teenager. Instead of being grumpy, this arowana is the smiling type, reflecting the sunny disposition of its animator.

The expensive yet much sought after wild Malaysian Golden Arowana is facing extinction. The International Union for Conservation of Nature classified it as "endangered". Sometimes known as the "dragon fish", it may bring good health and good luck to its owners. This screen saver uses the same techniques as those employed in movies, TV and commercials, that is, computer generated imagery (CGI). Everything, you see in this screensaver is artificial and handmade. In other words, all the objects are just a bunch of complicated mathematical equations. The created movements are similar to programming a robot or a complex computer program.

This screensaver is used as a website promotion tool for our website.

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